Project Description


A high performance team learns from their successes and failures. NEHANET’s Win/Loss/Best Practices program captures sales and marketing activities and creates information that the rest of the team can use to improve performance.


Sales gets constant feedback from customers about products, competition, and customer needs. They are trying a lot of different approaches to win and as a result they are one of the best sources of information about what works and what doesn’t. NEHANET captures win/loss/best practices ideas from conducting interviews with sales and marketing people to capture information and build a program that communicates best practices and successes to the entire organization. Diligent independent collection of loss information will also help capture areas that need to be improved to build a winning team. Presentation content can be a part of this process to build a library of high impact presentation material that sales can use to engage with customers strategically or for products and solutions.


  • Track opportunities to identify customer opportunities that are won or lost
  • Conduct structured interview of the sales team to capture what worked and what didn’t
  • Create success story information and best practice material that can be communicated to the entire organization
  • Capture loss information and identify trends and messaging that is not successful
  • Communicate loss details to key team members to develop corrective actions to change outcomes.


  • Success stories
  • Best practice concepts and ideas that can be implemented by the rest of the team
  • Presentation metrics and libraries with ratings that can identify best material for sales
  • Loss categorization and trends that are communicated to steak-holders for corrective action


  • Accounts, Contacts, Sales History, Opportunities, Key Account Plans, Activities, Best Practices


  • Build and operate for 6-12 months hand off to marketing

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