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The NEHANET Campaign Manager allows you to deliver, track and manage sales and marketing messages to targeted audiences. You can easily create target lists to include customers who bought a certain product, rep firms, distributors, internal teams or web-site visitors that show interest in a particular product. You can also analyze campaign effectiveness by measuring response rates and click-throughs.


  • Find out if your web, leads, trade shows, and marketing programs yield business?
  • Launch new products fast and get an ROI?
  • Get to leads while they are still hot and turn them into business
  • Get information to the right customers on time?
“We do a lot of social media campaigns and getting the sales people to follow up on the leads was hard until we started using the NEHANET Campaign system. Now we can see results.”


Good Communication Improves Customer Retention
Keep your customers and prospects informed of new releases, important product updates, production and manufacturing opportunities and events that affect their business and the industry.

Improve Product Launches
Make it faster and easier for your marketing and sales teams to develop and send targeted messages to your customers, field teams, rep firms, distributors and manufacturing partners. It’s a great tool in your product launch arsenal.

Fast, Effective Campaigns
The NEHANET system gives your marketing team the ability to segment targeted customers on a number of important attributes and quickly design effective campaigns and messages with an HTML based tool. Campaigns can then be delivered via email or post mail.

Powerful Analytics
Monitor, track and report statistics on the receipt and review of targeted campaigns and messages. Your team will know who read the message and when, while your management team can analyze the data for program effectiveness.

Competitive Advantage
Rather than reacting to customer inquiries or product information requests from the field, be proactive in driving information out to customers. Stay one step ahead of your competition by delivering on-time targeted campaigns and messages that keep bringing customers back to you.

Get business from Marketing Campaigns and Trade Shows
Marketing has campaigns they a do to generate new leads, the company spends a lot of finding out who might be an exciting new customer. Trade Shows also are expensive ways to generate more business. All of these generate leads that need follow up and effort to turn into new business. The NEHANET Campaign system lets you manage campaigns, target specific groups of people and then drive followup to get them turned into new business. If you make it a closed loop system that efficiently manages the entire campaign from start to finish you can turn the investment into new business fast.

Trade shows get leads, what happens then?
You probably spend a lot going to trade shows, some good business gets done there usually but you also capture a lot of lead and need to do something with them. If you have a good lead and campaign management system you can go after them right after the show with targetted email or phone campaigns to get engaged and build on the investment you made in the trade show while it is still hot. Asking sales to follow up typically goes no where and if you have an organized way to get going and separate the real leads from the looky loos, you can get business you might have missed otherwise. NEHANETs campaign system makes it easy.

Find new customers with marketing campaigns that get it done and follow up efficiently
Marketing has lots of ways to find leads, web hits, lead lists, company targets, trade shows, organizations, etc. All get lead info that needs to be followed up and prioritized. It also costs money to get the information and do something about it. With the NEHANET campaign system you can launch broad targetted campaigns to get messages out to potential customers and then track what happens to find out what works best to get new customers and build the business. Find out what works, stop wasting money on what doesn’t and take advantage of the leads that can turn into new customers.

Get information out to your customers easily
If you are launching new products, entering new businesses, buying a company, or trying to let customers know about a product issue or obsolesence you can do it efficiently with the NEHANET campaign system that gets the message to contact list and makes sure everyone gets contacted when they need to be contacted. You dont have to depend on sales to let customers know, you can get the message to everyone on time with confidence.

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