The NEHANET Vision

NEHANET’s Vision for Sales Productivity and Growth

The demands of creating a successful business have not become any easier. Customers have become more demanding, and much better informed. Competitors are moving faster than ever. To win, you have to do more faster with less.

It is time to take advantage of the information a comprehensive business management platform can deliver. Everyone on the team should be able to see what the business issues are, have a clear committed plan to win, and manage the activities of the organization in a real time, data driven process to meet the business objectives. Sales should be leading the charge to grow with the rest of the organization, supporting them to win and succeed. Full transparency and analytics that identify issues and roadblocks creates a proactive growth company built with real time information and team driven success.

NEHANET offers a new approach to help you succeed.It starts with having a clear, accurate view of the business. You need to know where you are all the time in all parts of the business. NEHANET identifies potential problems and helps you focus attention quickly to make a difference. NEHANET gives you clear visibility into the issues impacting your chance of success in the market.

Strategic Partnership Program (SPP)

SPP is the next stage of CRM — providing not only a comprehensive CRM business information platform, but also a next generation business management system; integrating sales, marketing, and operations into a high performance team driving to win new business and improve customer satisfaction.

NEHANET’s Strategic Partnership Program not only enables this proactive management change but also takes ownership in achieving the outcomes that make a real financial difference to the direction of the business.

The Strategic Partnership Program provides both the comprehensive CRM platform NEHANET is famous for as well as a full service business management service to provide:

  • Adoption and execution support
  • Workflow optimization consulting
  • Strategic plan integration
  • Training
  • Data integrity analysis
  • Outcomes planning integration
  • Problem identification and resolution intervention
  • Business transformation consulting
  • Channel optimization and issue resolution services
  • Marketing and sales integration advice
  • Competitive analysis
  • Strategic customer penetration consulting

NEHANET takes ownership in getting it all to work together and optimized to achieve the agreed upon financial outcomes you need to succeed.


Services offered as part of the NEHANET Strategic Partnership Program

Top 7 Benefits of the NEHANET Strategic Partnership Program

Cutting the Time to Close the Business – Adds Revenue and is a Competitive Advantage You Can Depend on With NEHANET

  • The enemy of growth is time. You can beat the competition if you focus on cutting time out of the process. NEHANET makes it clear how long it takes from finding an opportunity until you declare victory, and helps you drive to make it as short as possible. Once you know how long the process takes you can increase team focus on executing the things you need to win and accelerate getting the customer committed to you — leaving your completion in the dust. You get to Revenue quicker and beat the competition by making your customers successful faster.

Find the People Who Move Fast and Get the Rest of the Team on the Same Path

  • Tracking how long it takes each salesperson to close the business lets you find out who is engaged, finding ways to win, and driving the team to deliver what the customer needs to select your product. You can drive best practices through the rest of the team to turn time into your advantage. As the team gets more effective the time to win will go down.

Sales Needs Help to Win – Get the Businesses Helping Make Them Win

  • Having a clear plan to win new business gets the team executing what sales needs to succeed with the customer. You can make it all work proactively to drive success once you have a plan and process to execute that gets it done. Faster opportunity closure creates growth faster, and builds confidence and momentum.

Managing the Sales Channel is too Hard, How Do I Get Them to Sell For Me?

  • Figuring out what is going on with Reps and Distributors is really hard unless you am constantly reviewing what they are doing. NEHANET organizes all the channel data and lets you know what they are doing and where you need to focus to maximize sales and margin.

Get the Team Focused on Winning the Business that Brings More Value to the Company

  • Driving sales to find and engage in higher value opportunities gets the organization working on things that bring more value without having to increase the number of people. This improves revenue, prioritizes the more valuable programs over low value opportunities, and keeps cost down on the business you are working to win.

Drive Realistic Opportunities and Focus the Team Where it Will Make a Difference

  • Make sure your team is investing in winning the opportunities that you have a good chance of winning and not on fantasies. Realism is key when prioritizing actions and NEHANET makes it clear where the best opportunities are and keeps you from chasing dreams.

Just Imagine What Would Happen if You Won More of the Opportunities Your Team is Working

  • Your team only has the time to work effectively on a limited number of customer opportunities. We have seen that an achievable 10% improvement in the win ratio and time to $ can drive an increase in revenue of 48% per man year for your sales investment. NEHANET enables you to capture this growth opportunity.

You can get complete control of the sales process, forecasting, the AOP, and winning new business or penetrating critical strategic customers with NEHANET’s CRM-SPP platform.


What to Expect from SPP

Our customers see results that make a real financial difference:

  • They see growth rates that are 2.1X higher without adding sales people!
  • They consistently reduce inventory and cost by over 12% by having real-time forecast visibility into their customers and the market changes that affect their manufacturing plans.
  • We show them how to capture over 15% lost revenue from their channel partners by knowing where they are giving away margin and avoid building stranded inventory!
  • They know what is going on at Strategic Customers and at Reps and Distributors
  • They can see the business impact of marketing programs and find out what works and what doesn’t
  • They see increasing revenues, improved margins, faster time to $$, happier customers, make sure they are getting the ROI you should from R&D and marketing investments, and
  • They are keeping the team laser-focused on beating the AOP

What You Get with SPP

NEHANET fully supports all parts of the business with data captured from ERP, sales activity data bases, and history reports. NEHANET’s Analytic Engine delivers complete insight into:

  • Accounts, Activities, Contacts, key Account Planning, and Call Reports
  • Forecasting that integrates to sales history and ERP system
  • Opportunities and activity management to win the business including Emails and Escalations
  • Marketing and Social media Campaigns, PCNs and managing Leads to convert them to opportunities
  • Channel management for Reps, Distributors, and direct sales
  • Split Commissions, Goals and Commission consolidation
  • AOP development, negotiation, finalization and monitoring
  • Parts, Cost, Pricing and Price Minimums, Margins –

    — Information by Part Families, Product Lines and Business Units
    — Sales management by account, person, geography, channel, business unit

  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Quotes, Debit, DPA Exposure
  • Design Registration and follow up to the order
  • Documents management, presentation library for sales and training
  • Orders, Order Plans, Shipments, Stock Movement, Manufacturer Inventory, Distributor Inventory
  • Distributor POS
  • RMA – Requests, approval, and closure
  • Samples – ordering, approval, and follow up to convert to $$