Project Description

The NEHANET Order Management system serves as a lightweight flexible Order Tracking system to help manage orders, backlog and shipment information and give your field organization, including reps and distributors access to information regarding their orders. Track shipping and billing details, requested, committed and shipped dates and other information regarding managing the order process for your organization. For companies already having Order Management in their ERP system, the ManufacturerCRM Order Management is an inexpensive, front end complement to your ERP system and makes the order, backlog and shipment data securely accessible to all your reps and distributors, saving you money and allowing you to avoid having to give access to the confidential ERP system to your reps and distributors.


  • Get everyone on the same plan to win at key accounts
  • Get the information you want from sales when you want it
  • Find out where you are missing the plan
  • Turn reviews into action planning meetings instead of reviews of what is going on
“We look at orders as a yardstick of the future. I like the way the NEHANET order system captures what has booked and shows us if it is growing or sliding out. It lets me keep my finger on the pulse of the business every day.”

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