Project Description

NEHANET’S Outlook Add-in module lets you synchronize emails, contacts, opportunities, Activities, Tasks and Meetings easily between Outlook and the CRM system. Everyone will be able to see CRM information inside Outlook and the databases will all be linked so communication internally about needs to close business is all orchestrated in the Outlook environment and managed in the CRM system.


  • Get a record of all the communications with customers in one place?
  • Keep Tasks and appointments organized and up to date?
  • Make it easy to communicate and capture information about opportunities?
  • Find out what happened by looking in one place- the CRM?
“We work in Outlook so making it all work with the CRM system was critical. NEHANET made it compatible and the CRM captures the information so it is part of the customer/ opportunity record.”


Managing Activities and priorities just got easier now that the CRM works seamlessly with Outlook.
Driving activities to help close business is easier with NEHANET’s Outlook Integration. You can make a plan, set up the activities that you need to get done to respond to customer needs, and get people in the organization signed up to execute your plan. It makes selling internally much more automated and effective and let’s you keep track of what is happening all in one synchronized system based on the CRM business information and Win Plan you need.

Having Outlook functions completely synchronized with the CRM makes it easy for everyone to know what to do.
Sales knows what is going on at the customer but when a big deal is going down, there are lots of communication paths into the customer. NEHANET’s Outlook Integration captures all the interactions in one record so you can stop depending on email searchs and copy lists, and forwards to know what the customer has been told. Keeping it simple makes it a powerful tool in the sales process.

Outlook Integration makes the CRM work seamlessly with the entire organization.
Outlook Integration makes information flow seamlessly between the CRM database and the main communications platform the company uses. Data is only useful if people can get what they need without having to guess where it is and search all over the place to find it. NEHANET Outlook Integration makes it easy to communicate.

Know everything that has been discussed with Customers all the time.
When you meet with a customer you need to know everything they have been told no matter what the communications channel is. Since the business world is run by Outlook, the NEHANET Outlook integration feature lets you capture all the emails, tasks, and calendar schedules in the customer record so you have it all at your finger tips when talking to them.

Make your business systems work together with Outlook Integration
It is hard to get sales people, FAEs and other team mates to record what happens with customers and keep the records you need to move forward. By making the CRM work with Outlook seamlessly, NEHANET keeps it simple so there aren’t any excuses for keeping records about what has happened.

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