Project Description

You often have inventory moving between manufacturing operations as contract manufacturers take inventory but sometimes do not pay until it is used. NEHANETs stock tracking captures this movement and make it visible so you can meet customer needs and keep inventory as low as possible.


  • Find out where you are missing the plan
  • Stop being frustrated with your CRM because it isn’t quite right
  • Be able to find documents when I need them
  • Get rid of operations issues that take sales time
  • Improve margins in the channel
  • Improve margins
“When our customers started using lots of contract manufacturers, keeping track of what parts went where was confusing. The Stock Movement system from NEHANET gave us control of the inventory system across all the parts of the process.”


Know what your stock is no matter where it moved to.
In many businesses, inventory moves through several manufacturing systems before completion, the NEHANET stock movement system lets you track these movements through distributors, contract manufacturers, or other parts of your internal or customer systems to make sure you have a well planned, controlled inventory management process across all the key parts of your business.

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