Project Description

The NEHANET Opportunity Tracking solution gives you and your team an efficient tool to create new leads, track key milestones, manage daily opportunity details and keep deals moving towards a close. You can easily adapt the system to your current pipeline processes, allowing you to drive the system by your key attributes, such as region, channel and deal size.


  • Build a plan to win key opportunities and do it
  • Turn reviews into action planning meetings instead of reviews of what is going on
  • Close new business faster
  • Stop being frustrated with your CRM because it isn’t quite right
  • Make sure you understand the competitive situation at key accounts
  • Build a business plan that drives the team to win
  • Make forecasts accurate enough to run the business
“There are a lot of CRM solutions but only one really tailored to a component technical sales business. Nehanet delivered a seamless solution for our sales team.”


Focused Sales Methodology
Drive your sales process with an automated system based on industry best practices, ensuring your sales process is focused and effective. No longer will deals slip through the cracks or fly under the radar when you have clear audit trails, a powerful workflow engine and customizable and drillable data fields.

Increase Revenue
With a powerful automation system that saves time, an RSM can deliver greater account focus and coordination which can result in one new design win per year or even more. For a company with five RSMs and annual design win revenue of $50M, the company could realize $250K or more in incremental revenue.

Improve Sales Team Productivity
Reduce the amount of time your sales team spends coordinating information to provide updates to executive staff. For a company with five RSMs, this time savings could easily exceed two hours per RSM per week, for a total savings of ten hours a week – that’s the equivalent to onefourth of a new sales person!

Instant Global Design-In Visibility
Understand the status of all your design-in opportunities across the globe with the click of a button. You don’t need to wait for excel spreadsheets be rolled up or for next weeks meeting to understand where each deal stands along with its key issues. Your automated system will give you real time deal information for the rep down the street as easily as it will for the rep half way around the world.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive
Take the action before it turns into a reaction. With a clear real time picture of all the details for all of the deals in your pipeline, you can manage accounts strategically to take advantage of a competitors delay or shore up a potential problem before it ever arises. With NEHANET you stay ahead of the curve with each of your deals.

Global Collaboration
Give your teams the power to understand what is going on in the pipeline. For instance, you can allow your design region teams to gain visibility into the production region and point of sale, while letting the production region gain visibility into the design region to understand what opportunities are coming down the road.

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