Project Description

Keeping inventory under control is a major driver for the P/L. If you don’t treat distributor inventory as part of what is available to ship or let it get out of control the impact can be substantial. The NEHANET Disti Inventory module gives you visibility into what is sitting in the disti warehouse that you can ship instead of build.


  • Manage Rep, Disti and Direct Accounts?
  • Get rid of operations issues that take sales time
  • Improve margins
“When a customer needs parts, we used to have to call our distributor and get them to check stock, now with NEHANET it is all right there on the inventory screen so we can answer customers questions on the first call.”


Know the Disty inventory situation all the time
Managing Distribution is a complex problem and you always have to watch out to not have too much or too little inventory sitting on disty shelves. It is also helpful to be able to see what inventory is there as you talk to customers so you can get them parts they need quicker by taking it back from Disty and shipping it off. Keep control with NEHANETs Distributor Inventory solution

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