Project Description

The NEHANET Return Material Authorization is a flexible and powerful RMA engine that can automate your entire RMA process from web RMA entry, through validation and authorization, all the way to generating the shipping invoices and tracking shipments. Your customers, customer service people and others will have full visibility at all times on the status of any request. Convert your paper or other manual RMA process into a state of the art automated process.


  • Deal with RMAs
  • Be able to find documents when I need them
  • Get rid of operations issues that take sales time
“I don’t like make customers with an RMA wonder what is happening and whether we are going to accept it or not. The NEHANET RMA system makes RMAs easy to manage.”


Drive Customer Satisfaction
Drive Customer Satisfaction with a smooth, easy, transparent and efficient process where RMA requests do not get lost or misplaced. Allow customers to quickly request RMAs off your website and get confirmation and updates via email. Customers can also check the status of their request on the website 24×7.

Save Costs – Manage RMAs to build customer satisfaction.
The RMA module allows you to save money on multiple fronts. On one hand, by providing web forms and an automated request mechanism with a built-in update mechanism, you eliminate many incoming emails and calls about RMAs, which reduces the load on your Customer Service Team and reduces your headcount and processing costs. At the same time, an automated process allows you to better ensure customer compliance with your purchase agreements, and if needed, reject RMA requests if required.

Drive Efficiency and Accountability
The NEHANET RMA sysem allows you to completely automate all aspects of your RMA process, from initial request, thru the approval loop, thru inspection and final closure. Your team members will know what steps to take at each step in the process. All activities and updates are fully audited. Nothing will get dropped. Exceptions will be handled smoothly. All resulting in saving Customer Service team costs; driving team productivity and increasing customer satisfaction.

Manage RMAs so they don’t become a problem.
Having a complete RMA maangement system makes it a lot easier to keep customers happier and keep your management informed about what is happening and what the impact might be. NEHANET gets you out of the email, excel spreadsheet, disorganized process most companies have and moves you to a manageable organized, focused system to understand the problems, find solutions, and get the customer back running with confidence.

Manage Customers when there is a RMA so they know what to expect.
It is never fun dealing with an RMA – the customer is mad, production is stalled, your engineers don’t know what is going on, and the CFO doesn’t want to take financial liability. The NEHANET RMA system captures all the information, approval process, communications, and recovery plan in one place with all the current data so you can talk to your upset customer with confidence.

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