Project Description

NEHANETs Shipment information system captures what is shipped including from disti and makes the data visible and usable by sales to assess the current situation. Forecasting and customer discussions depend on having a clear picture of where you are today, NEHANET makes that available to everyone.


  • Make forecasts accurate enough to run the business
  • Turn reviews into action planning meetings instead of reviews of what is going on
  • Know where you stand with critical customers
  • Get the information you want from sales when you want it
  • Make sure you understand the competitive situation at key accounts
  • Find out where you are missing the plan
  • Keep commissions from becoming an issue with your sales people
  • Stop being frustrated with your CRM because it isn’t quite right
“We used to have to go into another system or make a call to see if something shipped. Now the NEHANET CRM captures the shipment info and we have it right at our fingertips with we are talking to customers.”


Shipments have to be a part of any good sales planning system
Sales needs to know what has been shipped and what is going to be shipped to manage customer expectations and to build a credible forecast. The NEHANET Shipments system captures what has shipped and what is forecasted to ship in the future and provides that information to sales so they can account for the ongoing business while they provide a forecast of what the business looks like in the future. It all has to tie together – Forecasting – Financial sytems – Operations systems – to make a complete consistent business planning system.

The CRM system can ship with ease so all your actions are in one place ready to go.
The NEHANET Shipment system handles all the process steps to deliver products to your customers. When you’re ready to ship, log in, fill out the delivery information and create an invoice. Trigger a pick list and get the box ready to ship. All the data is right at your fingertips with customer and PO information already configured so it all happens smoothly and error free.

Merge all your customer information in the CRM to manage the end to end customer process.
You don’t need to have a separate shipment system with customer databases, addresses, and shipping information that all gets entered again and is never consistent with the CRM system. If you do it all in one data system, accuracy goes up and customer satisfaction goes up and your costs go down. A win – win for everyone.

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