Project Description

Executives need to show not only what the future revenue looks like which is much easier with a good forecast system but they also need to predict Margin and profit for investors. NEHANETs Gross Margin System projects gross margins based on inventory, forecast, and costs from your financial planning system. You can see what products or customers are going to drive the best Gross margins and take steps to maximize the financial performance.


  • Improve margins
  • Prioritize team focus on best business
  • Stop chasing opportunities that don’t have a good return or chance of success
  • Improve margins in the channel
  • Turn reviews into action planning meetings instead of reviews of what is going on
  • Know where you stand with critical customers
  • Make sure quotes are done right and followed up
“We are always fighting for priority in the product groups to get things done to help us win new business. The Gross Margin system lets us compare one deal to another with a set of rules so we can pick the ones that deliver the best ROI.”

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