Project Description

NEHANET delivers an integrated, completely customizable CRM solution that seamlessly ties together data sources within an organization, including channel partners, to provide a complete actionable view of each your Accounts, Contacts, Action Items, Opportunities, and Customer Visit Reports. The system is easy to implement, learn and use and allows your team to be up and running in hours, not weeks or months.


  • Know where you stand with critical customers?
  • Know what competition is doing and use it to do better?
  • Close new business faster?
  • Manage Relationships and Org Charts?
  • Track Contacts Globally?
  • Ensure Action Items are completed?
  • Manage Rep, Disti and Direct Accounts?
“Building a new company takes a lot of coordination and insight as customers start using your products. Nehanet gave us a sales platform that made it easy to see where we stood with key customers and what needed to get done.”


Adopt a Customer Centric Strategy
Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Development and your extended channel partners are the customer facing groups driving your ultimate success in today’s competitive marketplace. Arm them with an automated system that is built from the best practices in your industry to ensure these groups are acting like a coordinated team.

Identify and Retain High Value Customers
The NEHANET system provides you with high-quality analytics and at-a-glance dashboards to identify key contacts and efficiently share their information as needed.

Faster Decision Making
Allow your customer-focused employees to make quick yet informed decisions on everything from cross-selling and up-selling to target marketing and competitive positioning.

Boost Customer Satisfaction
With the NEHANET system, you can quickly and easily understand and map the people within your customer company, allowing you to communicate effectively with the right people at the right time. Your system will also provide your customers with an automated interface to gather data, provide information to you and escalate issues that require management attention, in a method that is trackable, controllable and easy to use.

Management Visibility
Know your customers and partners, and map their relationships. Then use that data to develop strategic and tactical plans to beat the competition, build revenues, and improve margins. With real-time data and customizable reports, you will always be on top of the customers, key activities and the teams managing them.

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