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When you are running a complex international business maintaining price consistency and control. With NEHANETs Price Minimum system your marketing or finance people can set price minimums and keep negotiations done by remote sales people from getting out of acceptible pricing boundaries.


  • Manage Rep, Disti and Direct Accounts?
  • Make sure quotes are done right and followed up
  • Get rid of operations issues that take sales time
  • Improve margins
“As a product line guy, I like being able to set a minimum price that I can accept so I don’t have to get involved in every negotiation as sales is trying to win.”


Keep control of Pricing without having to approve every price.
Prices get negotiated all over the organization. Sales, marketing, regional managers, Distribution, Reps, all are trying to win business and often need to get creative on pricing. NEHAHETs Price Minimum system lets you set a minimum pricing floor for negotiations and keeps you out of the trap of having to go through a long approval cycle for every deal. If sales knows the bottom and has insight into margins then sales executives can manage their business and get negotiations underway with confidence.

Empower Sales to win by making sure they know the limits for pricing.
If you are negotiating for a new piece of business you are always under price pressure. The price list gives you guidance about what marketing thinks the right pricing is but if you are packaging things together to win more, you often have to deviate from the standard price list. By having a minimum price limit you can see whether or not you are getting outside the boundaries that finance has set to keep things moving without having to go through a big approval cycle before you can start quoting the business

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