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Businesses create all kinds of documents – spec, data sheets, reports, presentations, plans, spreadsheets, etc. Finding the right information when you need it without spending hours searching for the most up to date presentation or document is what NEHANETs Documents System makes a reality. A centralized document library, with revision control and searchable features makes finding the latest best information easy for sales or anyone else in the organization.


  • Be able to find documents when I need them
  • Get rid of operations issues that take sales time
  • Get everyone trained to improve effectiveness
  • Launch new products fast and get an ROI
  • Motivate sales to win
  • Close new business faster
  • Get the information you want from sales when you want it
“You wouldn’t believe how hard it used to be for sales to find the right information and be able to use it to present to customers. Now we know what is the latest and greatest, and we know what has worked for other sales people. Thanks NEHANET.”


Keep Documents organized and available all the time
Sales needs to get the latest documentation and presentations to talk to customers. They can spend a lot of time trying to find the most current versions and often have to get people to create new information or just make it themselves. If the presentation worked well it would also be nice to make it available to the rest of the team. The NEHANET Document solution lets you manage documents and keep the right info available to sales all the time. You can also attach documents to opportunities or customers so you always have the documents associated with a piece of business as part of the record of the win.

What presentations work best find out and spread the word
Companies have documents and presentations spread out all over the place, in marketing, product groups, management and sales. When you have a message that works people will use it if they know where it is and what others think about it’s value. The NEHANET Document system centralizes all the documents in one place and lets you see how others rated the effectiveness of what you had to say.

Hours to find the latest information and even then not sure, why is it so hard?
Documents and information can be stored in one place and catorgized by content, value and time. If sales is confident that they have the right information right away a lot of time is saved and you get to reuse instead of reinvent presentations and information all the time throughout the organization. It is simple with the NEHANET Document management system.

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