Project Description

The NEHANET Problem Escalation System is a powerful support tool designed to increase customer satisfaction and reduce support costs. Your customers will benefit from a closed loop, fully trackable, easy-to-use system for communicating their important support issues to your team, including Customer Support, Field Apps Engineers, Field Sales, Engineering, Operations and Marketing, for follow up and resolution.


  • Turn reviews into action planning meetings instead of reviews of what is going on
  • Build a plan to win key opportunities and do it
  • Close new business faster
  • Ensure Action Items are completed?
  • Stop chasing opportunities that don’t have a good return or chance of success
  • Improve margins
  • Get rid of operations issues that take sales time
  • Build a business plan that drives the team to win
“With the Escalation system from NEHANET I can get management attention and action to fix things for my customers without a lot of hassle.”


Improve Customer Satisfaction
To give your customers best of class support you need to include 24 X 7 worldwide online access to your team of experts, get fast response time, and give your customer the capability to track issue status , attach files, and get automatic email notifications. The NEHANET Escalation system makes it work.

Management Control
Enforce your ideal issue resolution processes in an automated fashion, alleviating costly and error-prone manual routing and response techniques. Have notification, routing and escalation tied to the way your sales and support processes work and designs are managed. Track an issue internally to drive teams such as marketing and engineering for corrective action.

Increase Productivity
The NEHANET Escalation solution can save between ten and twenty percent of a Field Applications Engineer’s (FAE) or Factory Apps Engineer’s valuable time. For example, if you have ten FAEs and five Factory Apps Engineers who collectively respond to twenty five or more issues per week, the NEHANET system could save you up to two FAEs in headcount.

Management Visibility and Reports
The NEHANET solution provides management visibility over the pipeline of issues with customizable reports, ad hoc queries and easy to use data analysis tools. This allows management to prioritize and assign scarce resources efficiently and build accurate sales support plans and budgets.

Keep Your Design Wins
Lack of appropriate customer support can lead to design-win losses. With a fifteen month design-to-revenue window there is plenty of opportunity to lose the business or get designed-out because a technical issue was not addressed in a timely or accurate manner. In fact, studies show that companies that cannot track or manage issues in an efficient and consistent manner can lose up to two percent of design-wins each year.

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