Project Description

The Activity Module allows you to manage all the activities to drive an opportunity to closure as fast as possible. Usually sales needs other parts of the team to get all the things done along the path to winning. Activities define what is needed and communicate to other people in a way they can understand and commit to getting it done. You get support and they know what the ROI should be when you close the deal.


  • Turn reviews into action planning meetings instead of situation updates?
  • Prioritize team focus on best business
  • Ensure Action Items are completed?
  • Improve margins?
  • Know where you stand with critical customers
  • Notify all team members on Call Reports?
  • Stop chasing opportunities that don’t have a good return or chance of success?
“I sure like the way the NEHANET Activity system works to get people signed up to help win new business.”


Get Things Done to Help Yow Win
Sales needs help to Win new opportunities – engineering info, competitive positioning, Executive priority, deliver improvements, proposals – you can call and talk to everyone and follow up continuously but the NEHANET Activity Solution, lets you set up an activity for someone with all the supporting info to get them involved and supportive. You can tell them exactly what you need and when you need it and then follow up when it is time to get what you need. Instead of selling internally, you get to spend more time getting new business and seeing customers while your team mates are getting things done to help you win.

Change the way you get support so you have more time to sell
There are always a list of things you need to get others to do to help you win and you need to get people to do them. If you have a good opportunity system the business benefits of going after the business is in the system for all to see. Instead of tracking down all the people you need and getting them to understand the customer opportunity and what you need, you can share the information in a common format and then define activities that you need, with a clear statement of work needed and benefits you want to achieve and ask them to commit to get it done by the date you need. It all is automated and consistent and lets you get things done without spending hours selling inside the company to get support. The NEHANET Activity system is easy, captures it all and lets you ask and get the support you need. If you streamline it all in a systematic way, you gain lots of time to go sell more to customers while having confidence you are getting what you need from other team members to win.

What if you could get the rest of the company helping you proactively
Once business objectives are defined and new opportunities are clearly described with ROI benefits and clear estimates of a chance of success and competition you can start running the business as a proactive organization that has support team members actively providing support and helpful information to sales to help them win. The business momentum that can be achieved when discussions start out with a clear understanding of the business situation and what is needed to win can turn discussions at all levels and reviews into proactive business closing discussions instead of discovery discussions or interrogations of sales. When you expect sales to figure out how to win and then enable them to do it the results can be amazing. NEHANET’s Activity system is a key element of getting to this type of team-driven business closing organization.

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