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Order Planning from NEHANET lets you see where you are accounting for backlog and orders that you have received. You can identify where the shortfalls are and take actions to minimize them even if the orders are coming from your channel partners. You can also manage the plan and customer expectations as lead times change and problems come up.


  • Get rid of operations issues that take sales time
  • Get the information you want from sales when you want it
  • Find out where you are missing the plan
  • Turn reviews into action planning meetings instead of reviews of what is going on
  • Stop being frustrated with your CRM because it isn’t quite right
“For our business which is small but growing the NEHANET Order Planning system lets me book an order and get it scheduled with confidence so I can keep my customers happy.”


Build an operations plan from your Order Forecast with Order Planning
Sales goes after orders that typically are for a quantity of product delivered over a timeframe in a component manufacturing business. NEHANET’s Order Planning system takes the order and gets it booked and schedule so you and the customer know what to expect.

Order activity and planning can be done in CRM to make customer discussions easy.
When you use the NEHANET Order Planning solution, you get a complete picture of the status of a customers business when you are talking with them in one place organized in a way you can answer his questions without checking with someone else. Make sure you deliver when the customer wants by managing their orders efficiently and make it easy to talk to customers about the everything they want to know in one place, up to date, and accessable where ever you are.

Simple Order management as part of CRM – who would have thought.
The NEHANET Order Planning solution gives you an easy tool to capture a customer’s PO in the system, get it into your planning system and schedule deliveries to meet the customers needs. You can use it as a simple ERP system to manage orders and plan your production. All the scheduled deliveries also become available in the forecasting system so you can see at a glance what is already booked and scheduled and where you are short for meeting your finanacial plan.

Forecasting orders is easier if you know what the history is for orders
Forecasting is an art that needs to have a good picture of what has happened in the past to make it realistic and accurate. NEHANETs Order solution puts all the order information in one place, not in another system, and makes it part of the data you see when you are trying to forecast the future. As time goes on, you can always see if the order has booked and where you need to take steps to try to get it from the customer. No other systems to log into, no other reports to get, just see where you are right now in one place with confidence.

Manage orders easily from receipt to invoicing with a simple CRM Order system
You got an order – Yippee! – now you need to book it. The NEHANET Order system captures the PO, all the information about what the customer wants and how he wants it delivered including documents that might be important. You book it into the CRM system and then when it is ready to ship you capture the shipping information, generate an invoice and close the PO. You never have to leave the CRM system and all the paperwork and delivery information is all there ready to use.

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