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The NEHANET Commissions module allows Manufacturers to manage their Commission Process and assign a Commission Rates to their Reps. You can also specify split commissions depending on whether Design, Production and Order Entry are in the same location or different locations, or if Reference Design is involved. Commissions get calculated from actual data which can be obtained from the NEHANET system or imported in via excel. The Commissions approval process can be automated and email notifications set up to notify all participants.


  • Make your commission program competitive so you keep your sales people
  • Motivate sales to win
  • Keep commissions from becoming an issue with your sales people
  • Get finance to pay commission on time
“Our finance people took forever to process commisisons, now with NEHANET they have the data quickly and my sales people know what to expect. Happy sales people make motivated sales people!”


Make Commissions a Motivator instead of an issue for sales.
Getting commissions paid on time, and correctly can make all the difference in whether they motivate the team or are always a real point of conflict. The NEHANET Commission system handles the entire process including design splits and geographic splits. You get all the information you need to get finance to cut the checks on time and should not have to get into a lot of debates about what the commissions are or should be.

Keep the focus on growth and not administrative issues that take the excitement out of sales
Sales takes a lot of faith to believe in your ability to get customers to buy what you have. As a manager you have to keep them motivated, excited about the company and driving to win. If they feel like the company is not living up to commitments to pay them you can take the air out of their baloon really fast. NEHANETs Commission system lets them know what they have earned, what they should expect, and eliminates the guess work and misperceptions that can ruin an otherwise fantastic team.

Happy sales people make the business success a fact
How many times have you heard sales people complain that their commission plan was messed up or they got less than they thought they should have or especially in small companies, that they weren’t getting paid on time. Often the conversion from bookings and billings into $$ in a sales persons pocket takes a bunch of excel work and lots of signoffs and discussion. If your running sales, it is to your advantage to take this issue off the table and make sure your people get paid what they are due and paid on time. NEHANETS Commission module pulls all the data together based on business rules you set up with your sales people and generates the data for commissions within days of the end of the quarter. You still have to get finance to pay, but you take all the excuses away so they can get it done on time.

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