Project Description

The NEHANET Product Lifecycle Manager (PLM) system offers Product Managers and Marketing a centralized product database that can capture all product attributes securely and make them available to different constituents on a secure partitioned basis via different mediums such as the website, the CRM system or other systems. The entire product lifecycle can be managed in the NehaNet PLM and a very wide range of information attributes ranging from product parametric data to web content, can be managed and updated in an online, 24×7, easy to access and secure system.


  • Get rid of operations issues that take sales time
  • Stop chasing opportunities that don’t have a good return or chance of success
  • Close new business faster
  • Stop being frustrated with your CRM because it isn’t quite right
  • Get everyone trained to improve effectiveness
  • Be able to find documents when I need them
  • Manage Rep/Disti Territory Assignments?
  • Manage Rep, Disti and Direct Accounts?
  • Launch new products fast and get an ROI
“The NEHANET Parts system captures all the details about all the parts I can sell in one place and lets me talk to customers with confidence about them with all the current information and specs so I don’t make any mistakes.”


Parts catalogs for sales are key
Any CRM system for a manufacturing business has a large range of parts, packages, part families, product lines, business groups, and all of this has to be integrated into the CRM data. The CRM Parts system also allows you to capture a descrition of the part, and how it relates to all the other catagories of how you run your business. It also needs to map into the financial system to make sure it is consistant with all the other databases in your business. By using the CRM Parts system you can keep a standard record of all the information about the part, including documents such as spec sheet and technical information all in one place that can be accessed by everyone when they are ineracting with customers. You get to get the information, know it is current and accurate, and don’t have to go find it in other systems. NEHANET keeps it simple and makes it available when you need it.

Always have the right information accessible to sales to work with customers.
The NEHANET Parts systems keeps sales under control by only offering them the approved set of parts for them to sell. Finding out all the critical information about a part a customer is interested in is easy when all the information is catagorized in the Parts system and is totally accessable to sales and FAEs. You will never have to try to find the latest and greatest information again with NEHANET.

Sales needs lots of information about your products – put it in one place to make it simple
If you have a lot of parts or variations of parts, packages, or other types of things customers can buy you need to keep them organized in one place so sales can offer them to customers and they can order them easily. The NEHANET Part system keeps all the information in one place – specs, documents, descriptions, part numbers, ordering information, support products like boards and software – Product engineers and Marketing can enter information in the system to show what they want you to see. Sales can go to the CRM system to get all the information they need to sell a part and know it is up to date and accurate. The CRM system keeps it all organized, accessable, and up to date to make sales easier.

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