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If you need to get into key accounts and want to build a plan that everyone is working to execute to try to make it happen, NEHANETs Key Account Plan system is what you need. You can work collaboratively to build a picture of all aspects of the account and your capabilities and lay out a roadmap to get engaged with them. Often it takes coordinated efforts from technical, sales, marketing and executives to make turn a key account into a revenue producing partner. NEHANET gives you a structure that can make it happen.


  • Get everyone on the same plan to win at key accounts
  • Build a plan to win key opportunities and do it
  • Stop being frustrated with your CRM because it isn’t quite right
  • Make sure you understand the competitive situation at key accounts
  • Prioritize team focus on best business
  • Capture Customer Meeting Information?
“Until we started using the NEHANET Key Account Plan system management had a lot of hopes about penetrating key accounts but were frustrated with our progress. Now we lay out a plan, get everyone on the same page and drive to get it done. No more sales blaming, I like that.”


Get into key accounts fast – make a plan and go it!
Key Accounts are important and you need a comprehensive plan to penetrate them. To really get it done you need to understand their business, their strenghts and the competitive situation. All of this gets captured in the NEHANET Key Account Plan solution to build a picture of the situation and lay out your plans to get engaged in a big way. You need to get all the parts of the organization working in a coordinated way to really penetrate a big key customer. Build a plan and get it done with NEHANET.

Key Account selling is a team sport but you need a plan.
Key account plans follow some typical formats that show who the account is, what they do, who is important, what you have to offer, and why they should buy from you instead of someone else. Capturing a summary of these issues keeps the team focused on how to succeed and how to tell your story the best way. The sales person gets to leverage the rest of the team in the sport of getting into a big new important customer. Make a plan with the NEHANET Key Account Plan system and get the rest of the team working with you to succeed.

Sometimes there are accounts you just have to win – make sure you have a plan with buy in
If there are customers you absolutely must win at to enter a market or be a leader then you better have a plan. A plan is not an arbitrary thing, it has to address all the critical aspects of winning – people, products, market trends, competitors, and strengths and weaknesses you have. If you don’t write them down and get concensus from management and other team members then you don’t have a plan just a lot of hopes. Guess who is left holding the bag when it doesn’t work out – sales. Build a good plan and execute it with the NEHANET Key Account Plan.

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