NEHANET Free Trial Program


  • The NEHANET 30 Day FREE Trial is designed to highlight the Competitive Advantage that NEHANET can bring to your business. Your objective is to see a working system with enough of your real data loaded so you can map out and prioritize your business process improvements, and rapidly achieve them.

Different Priorities

  • Every customer situation is different and each customer has unique challenges and objectives both short-term and long-term.

    Some of our customers have immediate funnel management challenges. Others are looking to improve their forecasting processes. Yet others are looking to drive improvements in their customer service procedures.

    Some have outgrown their current systems and are looking to scale their systems to the next level.

    Some customers have reps, others have distributors, some have both and some have neither. Some customers make custom products, others make standard products, and some make both. Transfer business is a critical issue for some customers and not for others.

Going the Extra Mile

  • We recognize that learning to configure NEHANET to specific business processes is not the best use of our customer’s time during the 30 Day FREE Trial. Accordingly, we don’t just provide our customers with an blank FREE Trial system to play with.

    We go the extra mile during the 30 Day FREE Trial by tailoring your system to your business needs, at no cost to you. To do so, we need to understand your situation and objectives, and we need you to provide us with your data. We then setup your system, configure it to your requirements, load in your data, configure your user views and reports and train you on the system.

Accelerating the Process

  • Upon request, we provide our 30 Day FREE Trial customers with a limited-access guest login to our Reference Demonstration System, which already has preconfigured modules and data that showcases NEHANET functionality across the broad set of business processes and functions that we automate.

    The demo system is an excellent place to rapidly learn about and gain insights into NEHANET, and to get familiar with concepts and capabilities that may not be a part of your current road map. On the flip side, please do realize that as a reference system it may contain features and functions that may not apply to your particular situation.

Driving Competitive Advantage

  • When you log into your 30 Day FREE Trial system, you will see your data in place, will be able to run reports right off the bat, and will be able to start scaling your business processes, and allow us to help Drive Competitive Advantage for you.

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