Project Description

The NEHANET Annual Plan system extends the information in opportunities, sales history, and forecasts into a comprehensive planning process that gives everyone a chance to build the plan for the year, define objectives, and get consensus on a final set of financial plans that can be executed. It provides market information, product line data, and gives input to the operations teams to build a manufacturing model so finance can get a final revenue, profit plan. By building the plan and getting approvals as part of the process everyone has buy in and the goals get set based on customer and market data that everyone can see.


  • Build a business plan that drives the team to win?
  • Get everyone on the same plan to win at key accounts?
  • Find out where you are missing the plan?
  • Motivate sales?
  • Turn reviews into action planning meetings instead of reviews of what is going on?
  • Make forecasts accurate enough to run the business?
  • Know where you stand with critical customers?
  • Make sure you understand the competitive situation at key accounts?
“Annual plans used to kill our sales process for a month every year, and when we were done, no one liked the results. The NEHANET AOP process lets us build a plan based on facts and get everyone signed up quickly.”

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