Project Description

NEHANET has a Cost module that lets you look at the relative business value of the various parts of the sales process. The Cost module works in conjunction with Pricing, Opportunity, Quotes, Order and POS module to provide a Gross Margin for customers, products or new business opportunity.


  • Stop chasing opportunities that don’t have a good return or chance of success?
  • Build a business plan that drives the team to win?
  • Motivate sales to win?
  • Know where you stand with critical customers?
  • Turn reviews into action planning meetings instead of situation updates?
“We were always guessing about whether or not a piece of business was a good deal until we started using the NEHANET Cost module. Now we can compare and see where to focus.”


Manage to Cost as you Sell
NEHANET’s Cost Module captures cost information from finance and lets you know where you stand at an account or on a new opportunity as you discuss pricing and contract negotiations. Knowing what customers are the profit makers helps you prioritize business that generates the best return for the company and drive improvement.

Costs too high, if you know based on customer data you can get it fixed.
Growing at a customer who is not profitable is usually not a good idea. If you know who is profitable and who is not you can focus your time and energy to build the right kind of business. It also lets you identify where the operations people need to focus to reduce costs. Usually, when some part of the business is not profitable you can expect to find that your competition has figured out how to do better than you do. Knowing where to focus the get improvement is half the game. Making it all visible and based on customer wins and losses makes it easier to get things to change for the better.

Prioritizing things gets easier if you know how profitable things are
Some business is a good deal and other customers and opportunities are not so good even if they are large. With the NEHANET Cost solution, financial cost information is in the system so you can see whether lowering the price, or offering more is a good deal for the company. When you are trading off priorities as the business progresses, prioritizing the business that delivers the most profit is usually a good thing. At least if you know it is a decision based on the overall situation not just who yells the loudest so you can make better business decisions faster.

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