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Not All AI Was Created Equally: How Smart Is Your AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a hot topic in the business world today, one which holds great promise in optimizing customer and client interactions. Using intelligent prediction models, organizations can now tap into their past and current data to significantly improve their decision-making processes. With companies from all sectors integrating Artificial Intelligence technologies into their products, [...]

Not All AI Was Created Equally: How Smart Is Your AI?2021-03-18T09:19:24-08:30

Key Metrics to Optimize Inventory Management

When you are managing a complex electronics components business you need to hold inventory to offset the manufacturing lead time that it takes to supply products. For semiconductor products that manufacturing cycle time can be 12-15 weeks -- so holding enough inventory to be able to supply customers is critical. The trick is to [...]

Key Metrics to Optimize Inventory Management2021-02-15T07:30:04-08:30

The 5 Key Parts to the AOP Planning Process

Everyone starts building a plan for the new year by the end of the third quarter -- usually with a groan and some amount of trepidation as they look forward to hours and hours of presentations, spreadsheets, negotiations, justifications and often heated discussions. The process is usually not well-structured, with parts of the organization [...]

The 5 Key Parts to the AOP Planning Process2021-01-07T09:51:03-08:30

Secrets to a Successful CRM Implementation

The CRM Value-Add The Issue: Organizations often lack an ongoing master data management strategy, with poorly documented,inefficient or fragmented customer-facing processes, and change them frequently in response to customer demand. Customers have poor experiences because their functionally fragmented processes fail to deliver a seamless macro process. The Solution: CRM demands that the organization takes [...]

Secrets to a Successful CRM Implementation2020-12-27T21:31:02-08:30

Forecasting Distribution Business using POS

Groups managing Channel business need to provide financial forecasting information to give guidance about future revenue, inventory, and customer outlook on major parts of the business. To simplify this process, Channel management teams manage large customers as specific customer programs with product, program, and forecast plans that give insight to the product lines and [...]

Forecasting Distribution Business using POS2020-10-13T22:18:37-08:30

Drive your Company’s Growth with Revenue Cycle Management from NEHANET

Revenue Cycle Management builds on the advanced CRM platform delivered by NEHANET by integrating it with Revenue Cycle Management requirements -- creating a complete end-to-end Business Management Solution. Features include: Global Pricing management Pricing rules Price lists for different situations Quote automation and margin analysis and optimization Revenue improvement Optimizing contract compliance Controlling [...]

Drive your Company’s Growth with Revenue Cycle Management from NEHANET2020-10-04T23:27:33-08:30

Get the ROI you should from your CRM Solution

CRM is expensive - you have to pay software licenses AND your people have to spend a lot of time feeding it. What do you think the ROI is on this investment? CRM offers a way to set financial outcomes you should be able to achieve with a world class sales process management system [...]

Get the ROI you should from your CRM Solution2020-08-05T09:19:49-08:30

AI-Powered CRM Lets You Focus on Customer Relationships

You know that it is important to prioritize customer relationships. Doing so requires time, effort, and consistency. With Artificial Intelligence, managing customer relationships becomes more doable than ever before. AI-powered CRM lets businesses reduce operational costs and optimize output for peak performance, allowing you more time to focus on the foreground of the business: the [...]

AI-Powered CRM Lets You Focus on Customer Relationships2020-07-30T21:39:41-08:30

Staying Ahead of the Curve with AI-Powered CRM

The Value of Artificial Intelligence As Artificial Intelligence increasingly transforms the business landscape, organizations must ensure that they stay ahead of the curve by updating their business strategies to fully take advantage of the value AI provides. To thrive in the business climate of the future, businesses will need capabilities beyond those of generic CRM systems. [...]

Staying Ahead of the Curve with AI-Powered CRM2020-07-28T06:55:55-08:30

Maximize Revenues and Profitability NOW

NEHANET Corporation is the premier provider of sales, support, and marketing automation solutions and services to the electronic industries. Let NEHANET bring its in-depth domain knowledge and years of experience with industry best practices to your business today. Maximize Revenues and Profitability NOW: Make Better Decisions based on Accurate Reports and Up-to-date [...]

Maximize Revenues and Profitability NOW2020-07-13T08:19:16-08:30