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The NEHANET Debit Management System simplifies debit transactions and reconcilation. It allows manufacturers to respond to debit requests from Distributors and Channel partners in a fast, easy and consistent manner that automates authorization and response, do price adjustments and issue debit authorizations based on your business rules.


  • Manage Rep, Disti and Direct Accounts?
  • Get rid of operations issues that take sales time?
  • Improve margins?
“Channel debits were always an unpleasent surprise for finance that I got blamed for. Now it is all out in the open and finance doesn’t get surprises.”


Increase Productivity
A manual debit request takes, on average, twenty to forty minutes to turn around. The NEHANET Debit Management system can drive your turnaround time to less than five minutes. If your company responds to more than fifty debit requests a month, you can save over thirty hours, that’s equivalent to nearly one-fourth of a sales person’s time.

Win New Business based on Competitive Pricing
Consistent follow-up is difficult with a manual or excel based debit tracking process. Typically twenty to thirty-five percent of debit requests do not receive follow-up, which translates to potential loss of business. The NEHANET Debit Management system ensures total follow-up and can increase your quote to order ratio by ten or even twenty percent.

Maximize Margins
Competing with yourself easily leads to lost margin. The NEHANET Debit Management system ensures that quotes and debit requests from distributors and Channel Partners are all tied to a single opportunity, giving you visibility and control so you can ensure that each quote is consistent to the end customer opportunity and that you are not in competition with yourself.

Global Consistency.
Debit requests can vary widely over geography, time and people. The NEHANET system allows you to manage your Global Price Management policies and drive consistent quotes across geographies, customer types, quote types and over time. For example, pricing varies across regions due to currency, shipment and competition; managing this is labor intensive and error prone. The NEHANET Debit Management system will ensure consistency while saving time.

Get Business Process Transparency
Distributors, Reps, Channel Partners, and all Internal people can now see their quote and debit request and followup on the status easily. This gives you a competitive advantage.

Control Costs – end surprises.
The NEHANET Debit Management system brings power and simplicity to the ship and debit process. It drives down the sales transaction costs and contibutes positively to revenue and profit growth.

Keep Debits undercontrol from the Channel Partners.
Debit management and exposure is part of any business that uses distribution and sometimes reps. When they need to quote prices lower than what is supported standard pricing, margin agreements it generates a debit. The process of requesting approval to go below approved pricing and try to win a piece of businss needs a system to get approval and then manage the debit once the business is won and shipped. Finance needs to know how much non standard, debit generating business is going to hit the books every month. The NEHANET DPA Exposure system keeps this all in control and lets finance know what is coming every month.

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