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Contacts lets you capture the information about the people you talk with at the Account and keep the data up to date for the entire team. it syncs with outlook contacts so everyone works from a centralized record that not only has info about the person but also all the interactions that have taken place with them from everyone involved.


  • Track Contacts Globally?
  • Manage Relationships and Org Charts?
  • Know where you stand with critical customers?
  • Manage Rep, Disti and Direct Accounts?
  • Build a plan to win key opportunities and do it?
  • Close new business faster?
“There are a lot of CRM solutions but only one really tailored to a component technical sales business. Nehanet delivered a seamless solution for our sales team.”


Aggressively keep in touch with contacts with targetted follow up
NEHANETs Contact Management system ties contacts to accounts, Activities, Opportunities, and integrates with Outlook to make keeping in touch and targeting your contact discussions easy to manage. You can see all the past interactions, emails, documents, discussions and issues in easy to use tools to make talking to them quick and error free.

Know who is who on opportunities and accounts
The NEHANET Contact system lets you capture all the critical information about the people you talk to at customers but it also lets you link them to the activities, opportunities, call reports, and emails so you can always know who is who, and what has happened even if you weren’t involved no matter when you talk to them next.

Make sure you follow up with contacts and know what they and you said last time.
Managing contacts is easy with the NEHANET CRM solutions. All your information, notes, previous communications are all right there to review and use when you talk again. Keep the momentum, build a personal relationship and keep focused on what needs to get done while you talk to customers.

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