Project Description


The first thing customers see will probably be your web site. NEHANET builds and maintains compelling web sites for customers and make yours tell your story without breaking your budget.


You need to have a modern, interesting, and professional web site to build customer confidence and bring in business. The NEHANET Web Site Development service takes care of converting your ideas into concepts and web designs that will make your company competitive and build your image as a professional organization. NEHANET works with you to create all the parts of a web presentation to fit your business and get your products presented to customers. Web sites need to be updated, maintained, and refreshed regularly to keep current, add new information or products, and deliver a message that fits the current business situation. NEHANET Web Site Management takes over all the implementation issues to make your business web site up to date, and impactful as things change.


  • Build a site concept and map out all the information you want to show
  • Create a visually interesting presentation that is easy to navigate and captures leads and interest from your customers or investors
  • Update web site content with new information and messages to build market interest
  • Capture leads from the site and drive contacts and leads to sales
  • Show detailed product information and success stories to build customer awareness and confidence


  • Concept proposal
  • Web site
  • SEO support
  • Periodic updates
  • Blogs
  • Contact information about who visits the site
  • Site metrics
  • Update services


  • Activities, Documents


  • Never transfer

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