Project Description


Training sales and channel partners about your products and services makes them more effective in interactions with customers. NEHANET can create training content, build a training architecture, drive execution and ensure everyone is ready to sell your products


The business is always changing as new products and people become available. Making sure everyone is trained effectively and able to describe the features and benefits of your products or services can make a real difference. Not only do you need to create the information and make it available to the organization but you need to make sure they are able to understand and use it to effectively sell to customers. Building a consistent, reinforcing training program is the most effective tool you can use to get everyone selling better and faster.


  • Build technical and market training content with marketing and engineering to make sale people effective to represent the company.
  • Define training roadmap and certification program
  • Execute training as defined in the plan with web based training and in- person training as needed.

Deliverables – Outcomes

  • > 90% of sales fully trained on company products and services


  • Training, Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Documents, Metrics, Parts


  • Build and operate for 6-12 months then transfer to marketing or HR

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