Project Description


Samples are an important part of engaging with customers on new business opportunities. Making sure you get a return on the investment of samples is the goal of the NEHANET sample conversion management service


Sample delivery is costly but important. When a sample is delivered it needs to be for a realist business opportunity from a credible customer. After delivery, tracking the opportunity and getting customer feedback and results needs close follow up to make sure you win if possible and that the business is captured during the design in process.


  • Samples committed for valid opportunities and realistic customer opportunities
  • Delivery with full data and documentation needs to happen quickly to build customer confidence
  • Sample follow up needs to be aggressively executed and customer feedback captured to improve future opportunity potential
  • Sample business conversion metric tracking

Deliverables – Outcomes

  • Improved conversion performance by >10%
  • Build design in best practice library for products and services


  • Samples, accounts, parts, sales history, forecasts, opportunities, activities


  • Build process and hand over to inside sales after 9-12 months

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