Project Description


People hate the demands to enter data and keep it up to date. NEHANET can do the data entry, follow up with sales people to get updates, and keep the forecast as accurate as possible by providing a human interface to get the data into the system.


Sales Operations Data needs to get input into the system and kept up to date, error free, and complete. The NEHANET Sales Operations support takes care of keeping sales information up to date, moving customers from one sales person to another, keeping commissions straight and handling splits, building history to fit sales needs, capturing what has happened and getting sales people to enter the data are all part of the service.


  • Define data needs for our client and build a program to capture the data
  • Capture current customer activity by direct discussions with sales people periodically or after key customer milestones.
  • Evaluate system status and identify where data is not current and take action to get updates.
  • Build a sales support system to minimize data entry requirements for sales people


  • Data structure plan for client sales and management
  • Review of customer opportunities to find delinquent updates and contact sales people to capture current situation status in system


  • Accounts, Contacts, Sales History, Opportunities, Key Account Plans, Forecasts, Commissions, Design Splits, Activities, Documents, AOP


  • Build and operate for 6-12 months then hand off to inside sales if needed

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