Project Description


Maximizing business margin takes constant attention. NEHANET captures all the information needed to optimize business priorities and investments to maximize financial results.


The financial results you achieve depend on the mix of business you win and the way you prioritize investments and optimize prices. The NEHANET system provides all the information you show comparisons between products, businesses, markets, channels, opportunities, or customers so you can take steps to maximize the business portfolio and investment priorities to deliver optimal financial results.


  • Capture sales history performance and margins to build comparative metrics between business segments
  • Deliver a tool evaluate margin at a program level to provide guidance for pricing and business decisions
  • Metric comparisons at business segment level
  • Integrate cost data into quote system to provide guidance to sales.

Deliverables – Outcomes

  • Tools to evaluate real-time margin performance for business priorties
  • Provide margin assessment to sales and business units for ongoing business
  • Provide tools to improve gross margin by 10%


  • Opportunities, Quotes, Pricing, Sales History, Margin, cost, Distributor margin, Inventory, Accounts


  • Build system and hand off to finance or sales in 6-12 months

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