Project Description


Engineering, Marketing and sales programs are hard to evaluate to understand the ROI. NEHENET captures all the information you need to find out what the results are for the investments you make


Finding out the ROI on R&D investments is not too hard, you can capture the costs and track sales and margins to find out whether the investment was a good one. Sales and marketing programs like trade shows, sales campaigns, contests, and even manpower investments are harder to track. The NEHANET system captures costs, and the business results that can be traced back to leads that create new business so you can really see how the programs you do or the people you hire are delivering a return


  • Track leads from programs all the way through to opportunities and new business
  • Find out how long it takes for new hires to start delivering business to make the investment a good one
  • Build a complete program to drive new products into the market, track where you are making progress and how successfully they are being accepted by the market
  • Know what businesses, markets, or customers are the best return on your sales investment
  • Prioritize activities based on potential ROI instead of hopes and influence

Deliverables – Outcomes

  • Improved gross margin by prioritizing best ROI opportunities
  • Know what customers are the most important from an ROI perspective
  • Know what channel or regions have the best return
  • Hire to drive return and know where you stand on achieving that return


  • Accounts, Opportunities, Pricing, Costs, Sales History
  • Inventory, Activities


  • Build the process baseline 6-9 months
  • Evaluate programs as needed with predictive ROI and Revenue plans – 12-18 months

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