Project Description


Distributor POS and inventory data needs to be captured and converted into valid CRM business information. NEHANET will work with your distributors to get their information, map it into the CRM and clean it so it reflects the current results.


POS data comes in from distributors in lots of different formats and needs to get converted into the CRM database, cleaned up, and delivered not only to your sales people but to your reps to keep everyone informed about the business. NEHANET POS service takes the data and gets it into the system, error free, and fast so you can see what is going on and where the distributors are being successful capturing new business.


  • Provide IT interface to distributors to get monthly POS data
  • Provide conversion services to interface with the CRM
  • Clean data and map to opportunities and forecast system
  • Work to get timely POS updates from distributors so the system is current


  • Monthly or better POS updated sales information in CRM
  • Periodic distributor support status reports
  • Distributor interface


  • Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, forecasts, sales history
  • POS, Parts, Commissions, Inventory


  • Operate for 6-12 months then potentially transfer to inside sales

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