Project Description


Bringing new team members into the company needs to be structured and provide all the critical information they need to get started the right way. NEHANET builds a complete on-boarding program and conducts the on-boarding introduction training in a comprehensive proactive way


Making new employees effective quickly is critical as you build the organization. The NEHANET On-Boarding program creates all the information an new person needs to understand how your business processes work and what they need to do to take care of their families and your business in a consistent, comprehensive way. With a complete Business Process documented system all aspects of taking care of business is addressed and can be referred to as they get involved in the business. Knowing how to do things right saves time and effort, knowing where to find information and who to call gets them up and running faster so you benefit from their activities quickly.


  • Define all the business processes that need to be introduced to a new employee
  • Develop a package of information that can be easily trained and used as a reference to get them introduced to your business processes quickly
  • Walk them through all the personal processes like insurance, phones, ethics, expenses, security so they know what is expected.
  • Conduct new employee training as needed to implement the processes
  • Keep content current and consistent


  • On Boarding documentation
  • Training plan
  • Completion metrics


  • Documents, Activities, Training, Metrics, AOP


  • Build and operate for first year then transfer to HR

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