Project Description


There are a lot of metrics the organization looks at to measure performance and business outlook. NEHANET builds a metric library for your business and creates dashboards and tracking tools to keep everyone informed about their current performance and flag areas that need to be addressed to improve results


Tell me what you’re going to measure and I will tell you what I am going to do an old boss once told me. NEHANET builds a metric library with management to measure performance across the organization and provides the tools to show automatically where groups or individuals stand in relation to the metrics that drive the business. Keeping performance results current and highly visible helps teams make changes to improve the results and grow the business.


  • Identify key business metric
  • Build tools to track the metrics by group, person or team to measure results
  • Provide dashboards that provide feedback to drive change


  • AOP, Metrics, Accounts, Parts, Opportunities, Forecasts, Contacts, Activities, Account Plans, Sales History


  • Build and operate for 6-9 months then transfer to Sales Exec or finance

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