Project Description


If you are planning to introduce a new product or service understanding the market situation before you make the investment or when you are launching the product can make the difference in whether it is a success or failure. NEHANET market evaluation will find out what the playing field looks like before you enter the game.


When you are making an investment in a new product or market it is critical to look objectively at the potential users, customers, market needs, technical requirements, and competition to make sure what you invest in can succeed. Getting an independent validation of the market can help keep vested interests out of the equation. Talking to customers as an outsider can get a better picture of what the issues are than an internal marketing person will ever get. The NEHANET service uses experienced semiconductor marketing and sales people to find out whether what you want to do is the right thing to do.


  • Identify market or product segments of interest and key customers critical to success
  • Conduct a situation assessment of the market, competition, system requirements and market leaders
  • Contact potential critical customers to find out issues and pain points that need to be addressed
  • Do a time to market, market adoption analysis
  • Define a value proposition with the business and compare that to the market situation

Deliverables – Outcomes

  • Market evaluation
  • Customer feedback
  • Improved product launch adoption results


  • Accounts, Parts, Documents, Key Account Plans, Activities, Opportunities, Sales History


  • Project based, never transfer

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