Project Description


When you are launching new products a proactive market development program can accelerate the customer adoption for you products. NEHANET can manage the process to get all the parts in place to maximize market impact for you R&D investment.


Building a marketing program to make an impact on the market for your products is key to success. The NEHANET Market Development service evaluates potential customers and competitors for your products and builds a complete market plan to get your message to the broadest possible audience for your products. It includes web site messaging, social media, campaigns, public relations, advertising, industry analysts, and investor messaging to build your image as a leader and someone that needs to be looked at as a supplier.


  • Identify market development program targets
  • Build market profile including key customer targets and competitive assessment
  • Build message plan and launch timeline
  • Conduct campaign program to customers and sales team
  • Conduct initial target customer introductions with sales team
  • Build training and execute internal training and introduction program
  • Create web site message, investor and PR program content in coordination with marketing
  • Meet all timing plans and execute full program
  • Create and measure market development metrics


  • Accounts, Contacts, Sales History, Opportunities, Key Account Plans, Documents, Activities, AOP


  • Project based never transfer

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