Project Description


Building a support system to identify low margin business and drive activities to make it better or replace it with better business takes a margin Improvement Program that drives activities to change. NEHANET provides the tools to make it happen and can drive the execution of the program to get rid of low value business.


With complete customer information and cost data, the NEHANET Margin Improvement Program can isolate low margin businesses, markets, or customers and create margin improvement programs to improve overall results. Using the activity and escalation systems to drive plan execution turns desires into concrete plans to change the margin of the overall business by prioritizing high return business and drive improvements in low margin businesses.


  • Build sales history by market, region and customer based on business margin and return
  • Identify low margin businesses and build margin improvement programs to change
  • Drive activities to execute the plan and measure results

Deliverables – Outcomes

  • Low margin business identification
  • Margin improvement programs
  • Activities roadmap to improve margin
  • Margin metric programs for new businesses
  • Margin objective hurdles for quoting and opportunities


  • Sales history, cost, margins, opportunities, forecasts, pricing
  • Inventory, channel management modules
  • Activities, escalations, key account plans


  • Build the process baseline 6-9 months
  • Evaluate programs as needed with predictive ROI and Revenue plans – 12-18 months

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