Project Description


Developing a forecast that is complete and accurate takes constant attention. NEHANET forecasting management provides constant forecast monitoring and update management to keep the plan up to date. As needed forecast management will support committed and stretch forecast models to help management and sales teams drive to get the results needed to meet expectations.


Identify forecasts that are out of date and get updated input into the system. Identify high potential opportunities that can be prioritized to improve results. Drive commitment to the forecast and commitment to drive stretch goals. Communicate result vs. forecast in structured data formats to management and sales teams. Identify areas that are under achieving and drive corrective action. Create forecast business processes that drive realistic forecast to actual performance


  • Define forecast business models
  • Drive forecast consistency across the sales team
  • Monitor opportunities and forecasts to make sure all possible business is being forecasted
  • Drive updates to the forecast as needed to keep up to date
  • Communicate forecast expectations as needed by management if defined formats

Deliverables – Outcomes

  • Forecast accuracy of >90% as goal after implementation


  • Accounts, Parts, Contacts, Opportunities, Forecasts, Activities, Key Account Plans, Metrics, AOP, Sales History


  • Build and operate for 9-12 months then transfer to sales operations

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