Project Description


Distributors use all kinds of business tracking systems and usually do not like using special systems to report their activities. The NEHANET system will capture distributor information and move it into the CRM.


Getting Distributors to share customer sales activity is a constant struggle. They use their own systems to track activity information and will usually share what is going on if asked but do not take the time to proactively share status and forecast information. NEHANET captures the sales data they do have and converts it to the CRM. We can also proactively contact the Distributor sales people and capture status information and issues needing to be addressed. By including it in the CRM record you can keep opportunity and forecast information as accurate and up to date as possible.


  • Build an interface to Distributor sales tracking systems to convert to the CRM
  • Capture current information on a scheduled update process to keep current
  • Contact distributor sales people as needed to update opportunities and activities to get first hand status updates and issues that need to be addressed
  • Process distributor sales people needs to get them addressed by our client.


  • Interface to distributor sales system
  • Weekly or monthly update program
  • Key opportunity updates with direct sales calls to distributor sales people
  • Issue and activity processing to get customer needs addressed quickly
  • Distributor satisfaction metrics
  • Distributor performance metrics

Deliverables – Outcomes

  • Improved opportunity and sales forecast data accuracy
  • Improved distributor performance


  • Accounts, Contacts, opportunities, Activities, distribution Portal, POS, Forecasts, Sales History


  • operate for 6-12 months then potentially transfer to inside sales

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