Project Description


Finding the real decision makers in a target customer for key products takes time and effort that sales is often unable to execute. NEHANET conducts key customer organization analysis and interviews potential target contacts to identify the real decision makers for essential product wins.


If you want to get introduced and talking with the real decision makers for your products at key customers the NEHANET Decision Maker Discovery service will find out who has the real decision authority. When they are identified NEHANET can contact them as an independent consultant and find out about the projects, competitive situation, and introduce you to stage the first discussions and make sure your first meeting successful.


  • Identify product targets and key customer targets to define
  • Build an organization profile targeting people involved in the particular system you need to penetrate
  • Conduct independent interviews of target contacts to introduce your product briefly, identify who is involved and influential in the selection process.
  • Create initial interest and set up a

Deliverables – Outcomes

  • Decision organization structure in target account
  • Feedback from discovery calls about customer needs and critical programs
  • Introduction roadmap for first discussion with decision makers


  • Accounts, Contacts, Sales History, Opportunities, Key Account Plans, Activities


  • Project based never transfer

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