Project Description


If you have a key complex customer you need to penetrate for a critical product the NEHANET Customer Discovery service will get you introduced and help define the most effective way to approach to engage fast.


Finding the most influential decision makers in a key customer is difficult and time consuming and often is not the way a sales person approaches the customer. Customer discovery identifies the decision makers by talking to people inside the customer to find out who is working on your target program and where the decisions are made. We conduct pre sales interviews as an outside consultant to broadly introduce your product and identify key issues that you should address in your first discussion to have the highest impact.


  • Identify target products and customers
  • Conduct organizational research to find people involved in the target system
  • Conduct interviews with target individuals to identify critical issues and decision making process
  • Consolidate discoveries into sales presentation recommendations for client


  • Organization and decision profile
  • Critical issues and recommended answers
  • Customer profile and program status


  • Accounts, Contacts, Key Account Plans, Forecasts, Sales History


  • Project based never transfer

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