Project Description


Building a contact data base is time consuming and needs constant update and cleaning. NEHANET will find contacts in the customers, markets, or critical programs that you want to find out about and use for campaigns and business development.


Find out who the contacts are that you need to get product information to at your key accounts or in your target markets. The NEHANET Contact Discovery service does a deep dive into customers to find all the people you should go after for a particular type of product. They can find out who should be involved from executives to design engineers to purchasing people so your sales guys can go after the business quickly or you can launch a product campaign targeting just the right audience for your products.


  • Identify target customer, markets or systems
  • Conduct contact profiling to identify who is involved and how the organization is structured
  • Build a contact data base for marketing campaigns and sales activities


  • Contact information
  • Organizational information
  • Responsibility matrix


  • Accounts, Contacts, Sales History, Opportunities, Key Account Plans


  • Project based never transfer

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