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When you are looking at new products or markets it is important to get an unbiased assessment of the competitive situation. NEHANET has semiconductor professionals with over 40 years of business experience who can evaluate what competition you might get when you go to market.


When you are looking at new products or markets, wouldn’t it be great to have someone, independently do a competitor analysis to see whether what you want to do will be competitive or just come close and miss the mark technically or time-wise. The NEHANET Competitive Analysis service uses experienced semiconductor business executives to quickly look at customers, competitors, and markets to give you an assessment of the game you are about to enter before you get there. It can drive changes to the business plan or help structure the message you use to introduce your products to the market.


  • Review where you believe your product will fit in the market and what customer problem it will solve.
  • Review and evaluate competitive information about their market perception, product plans, or market demands
  • Review industry information to evaluate fit of your product to market needs.
  • Contact key customers to find out their understanding of the technical issues they face for the type of products you are planning.
  • Present a complete market evaluation summary


  • Market evaluation summary
  • Key customer discussion summary
  • Key competitor status and plans
  • Value proposition strength assessment


  • Parts, Accounts, Activities, Documents, Contacts, Opportunties, Key Account Plans, Sales History


  • Project based never transfer

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