Project Description


Managing the commission program and design registration program takes constant attention. NEHANET builds a systematic process to measure commissions on time and feed back to sales teams what they should expect to keep commission and design registrations from being a negative motivation issue.


Commission planning and monitoring takes a lot of time to capture sales information from direct and channel partner convert it to programs and provide design registration splits effectively. NEHANET takes over all the transaction processing needed to capture commissions, financial planning information and activity monitoring to build sales confidence that what they win will be paid on time and completely.


  • Build a commission and design registration matrix for sales teams and channel partners
  • Capture sales activity and map to correct program to provide basis for commission payment
  • Provide feedback to sales teams about commission expectations
  • Provided financial planning information based on sales results


  • Commission, Accounts, Parts, Forecasts, Contacts, Design Registration, POS, Sales History, AOP


  • Build and operate for 6-9 months then transfer to finance or inside sales

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