Project Description


Marketing campaigns can keep customer awareness up to date and build customer confidence and brand awareness. NEHANET will help build campaign messaging, execute the campaign and drive high potential leads to the sales team.


Marketing campaigns are an effective tool to keep customers and internal team members up to date on the latest and greatest information about successes, new parts, new markets, market information or even part changes and notices. NEHANET will help you structure, prepare and deliver an impactful message regularly or as needed to a target audience and get it done on time. Campaigns need to be executed professionally and used to help guide sales thigh potential opportunities.


  • Build a campaign roadmap with marketing
  • Create content as needed with Marketing
  • Use client contact information ttarget best audience for campaign
  • Execute the campaign roadmap
  • Capture leads and after screening move them tthe sales team for follow up
  • Build campaign metric tracking system
  • Track leads through the sales process and build metric database


  • Roadmap
  • Contact list
  • Message content and campaign format
  • Leads from campaign
  • Campaign metrics
  • Lead conversion metrics


  • Accounts, contacts, leads, campaigns, Opportunities, Documents
  • Activities


  • Operate for 6-12 months then potentially transfer to Marketing

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