Project Description


Business reviews (QBRs) are important but shouldn’t take a lot of time to build the data summaries needed to show results. NEHANET takes QBR needs from management and creates reports from the financial or CRM system to show the results in a structured format that is up to date and consistent.


Building a consistent QBR data structure simplifies the process of reviewing sales, business units or channel partners and keeps the process of preparing for reviews focused on what needs to be done to improve instead of finding the data you need and making a lot of charts and presentation material


  • Build QBR formats per management requirements
  • Provide data formats to participants for comments and explanations
  • Structure data so summaries and drill downs are easily managed and driven from financial and CRM system data
  • Provide capability for what if discussions and scenario creation


  • 50% reduction in organizational time spent preparing for business reviews
  • Consistent review process with complete data integrity


  • Accounts, AOP, Opportunities, Forecasts, Sales History, Activities, POS, Documents


  • Build structure and operate for 6-9 months then transfer to CFO office or Sales exec

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