Project Description


Telling your story to your own people can get everyone feeling like winners. NEHANET can deliver a crisp newsletter showing where you are winning, what is important for the business and what the market is saying about the business


One of the most powerful activities that can build team confidence, and is usually poorly done, is to regularly communicate successes. Building an internal communications program can make sure everyone is always on the same message and have the same understanding about where the business is going. If you have a regular internal marketing program you can deliver

  • Success stories
  • Best practices
  • New product updates
  • Critical issues and problems that need team awareness
  • Market updates from analysts, reports, and business outlets
  • Customer updates


  • Build a news letter format
  • Map and update content plan
  • Track opportunity wins and conduct win process interviews for articles
  • Consolidate content bi weekly
  • Publish on defined schedule
  • Capture best practices from team members and management
  • Build content library


  • Accounts, Contacts, Sales History, Opportunities, Key Account Plans, Forecasts, AOP, Best Practices, Activities


  • Build and operate for 6-12 months hand off to marketing

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