Project Description


To figure out the best way to improve your business results, the best place to start is to evaluate where you are today.


NEHANET’s Best Practices Gap Analysis Service get’s this process started off right. Our Domain Experts compare what you do today to find new customers, build relationships, identify and close new business opportunities, run the business, and manage the customer experience with the Best Practices we have found working with a broad range of companies in your market or in related industries.

Step #1

Participate in a structured interview conference call to tell us

  • What your customer engagement and selling process is today
  • How you manage the Customer through the sales process
  • What you think works well and what could be better
  • What Customers think of your company and service
  • What financial outcomes would be most beneficial to your company
    — 2 hours of your teams time to start the process

NEHANET will take it from there to deliver

Step #2

  • Compare current process with Industry Best Practices
  • Build a Gap Analysis

Step #3

  • Prioritize focus areas based on your capabilities and financial outcome needs
  • Define an implementation roadmap of business process changes that can deliver results
  • Build an implementation plan with key steak-holders
  • Define improvement metrics

Step #4

  • Roll out the plan to change the business processes to achieve the financial outcomes
  • Work with team to coach, guide, modify, or prioritize actions to implement the changes
  • Monitor results with regular metric reviews and milestone achievement maps

Examples of Best Practice GAP programs

  • How to focus management attention on highest potential payback opportunities
  • How to get new business through the sales funnel faster
  • Getting forecast accuracy better
  • Are we getting an ROI on our Marketing programs, Trade Show Investment,
  • Make the Customer RMA process build customer satisfaction
  • Turning samples into new business faster
  • How to get control of the sales channel partners
  • Get the organization focused on capturing new business
  • Making marketing a sales enablement engine
  • Turning business reviews away from status updates to activity prioritization commitment meetings
  • Know your competition
  • Delivering ROI for new product investments
  • Product launch programs
  • Enabling Sales to sell more effectively
  • Issue escalation
  • Know your customer
  • Building effective customer penetration programs
  • What do your customers really think about you – are they happy?
  • Building a more efficient and effective process to
    — Quote new business
    — Evaluate customer requests
    — Provide delivery status
    — Get paid
    — Minimize inventory
    — Turn sales forecasts into operations plans
    — Do an annual plan
    — Retain key employees
    — Help struggling employees improve

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