Win / Loss Best Practices Implementation


Summary A high performance team learns from their successes and failures. NEHANET’s Win/Loss/Best Practices program captures sales and marketing activities and creates information that the rest of the team can use to improve performance. Description Sales gets constant feedback from customers about products, competition, and customer needs. They are trying a lot of different [...]

Market Development


Summary When you are launching new products a proactive market development program can accelerate the customer adoption for you products. NEHANET can manage the process to get all the parts in place to maximize market impact for you R&D investment. Description Building a marketing program to make an impact on the market for your [...]

Decision Maker Discovery


Summary Finding the real decision makers in a target customer for key products takes time and effort that sales is often unable to execute. NEHANET conducts key customer organization analysis and interviews potential target contacts to identify the real decision makers for essential product wins. Description If you want to get introduced and talking [...]

Contact Discovery


Summary Building a contact data base is time consuming and needs constant update and cleaning. NEHANET will find contacts in the customers, markets, or critical programs that you want to find out about and use for campaigns and business development. Description Find out who the contacts are that you need to get product information [...]

Customer Discovery


Summary If you have a key complex customer you need to penetrate for a critical product the NEHANET Customer Discovery service will get you introduced and help define the most effective way to approach to engage fast. Description Finding the most influential decision makers in a key customer is difficult and time consuming and [...]

Commission and Design Registration Management


Summary Managing the commission program and design registration program takes constant attention. NEHANET builds a systematic process to measure commissions on time and feed back to sales teams what they should expect to keep commission and design registrations from being a negative motivation issue. Description Commission planning and monitoring takes a lot of time [...]